Why Ikea Should be Ranked as a Top 100 Brand

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

By Veronica Perry

In the digital age, there are many brands attempting to earn our business. Therefore, it is increasingly important to be mindful of which businesses we support and where we spend our money. Business insider recently named the top 100 brands from millennial consumer rankings. It is clear why most big names like Apple, Amazon and Microsoft are on the list. These brands have unmatched visibility and a strong reputation for success. However, I was disappointed when I did not see my favorite brand, IKEA, anywhere on this list. To me, IKEA is not just a brand, it is a full-on experience.

There are many reasons why IKEA holds such a profound place in my heart, but the first and most obvious reason is that this brand provides customers with a diverse inventory of affordable items. We all know how important one's home environment is to personal success. IKEA makes the dream of affordable interior decoration a reality and provides low cost, high quality home decor. Now, some may argue that this brand is not featured on the top 100 list because their products are low quality and they require self-assembly.  

These assumptions could not be further from the truth. With proper care, IKEA products can last decades. I have an IKEA dresser from 2010 that, for 9 years, has remained functional.

Next, IKEA knows it takes time to decide how we would like to decorate our space. That's why they offer delicious food! Not only is there a food court available in each location, there is a large selection of international foods at checkout.

Finally, IKEA teaches the consumer to value the product they purchased through self-assembly. Moreover, IKEA not only provides long lasting, affordable products, but they also impart the value of personal responsibility into the lives of their customers. What more could you ask for?