Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Photos by Veronica Perry


Located in midtown Sacramento, Kupros is a laid back, restaurant and bar with an unbeatable energy. You can sit at the bar, a booth or take the stairs to a balcony with a view. This Sacramento hot spot offers a breakfast menu with both savory and sweet options. From eggs Benedict to churro french toast sticks, their food is primarily locally sourced and mighty delicious.

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Address: 1217 21st Street, Sacramento, CA 95811, USA


If you are craving a flavorful breakfast, tasty lunch or a mouthwatering dinner, look no further than Cafeteria 15L. Cafeteria is one of the most frequented restaurants in the Sacramento area. This restaurant serves an unforgettable breakfast with choices like chicken and waffles, chicken friend steak, french toast brioche and multiple variations of eggs Benedict. This restaurant has beautiful outdoor seating and great indoor ambiance. The lighting is lovely and the service is always outstanding; however, be prepared for a wait on the weekends.

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Address: 1116 15th Street Sacramento, CA 95814


The Waffle Experience is a hidden gem in West Sacramento. With their innovative use of waffles, this restaurant is usually busy on the weekends. Every item on the menu is outstanding. Items on the menu range from a sweet option like the "Johnny Appleseed" to a savory option like the "Praise the Lard". However, nothing is quite as amazing as their Bloody Mary. This drink is mixed to perfection and is served with a memorable garnish. You must give this drink a try.

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Address: 4391 Gateway Park Blvd. Suite 650


Roxy is a great place for a breakfast with family and friends. Although the restaurant offers outdoor seating, indoor seating is recommended. The design of the restaurant is lovely and many residents of Sacramento find themselves at a booth or a table at Roxy on the weekends. Their menu is completely farm to fork and expertly crafted. From experience, the two most ordered savory dishes are their breakfast burger with beef from Lucky Dog Ranch in Dixon, CA and their huevos rancheros. As for sweetness, Roxy prepares handmade doughnut holes with three dipping sauces and vanilla brioche french toast.

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Address: 2381 Fair Oaks Blvd, Sacramento Ca 95825


With its roots in the punk scene, Capitol Garage has a great feel and delicious breakfast fare. This historic restaurant brings the Sacramento people together with their bold coffee and satisfying specialties. Some favorite dishes include their quick bites like the guac toast and the mushroom wrap. For a more filling meal, try the eggs Benedict garnished with lavender.

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Address: 1500 K Street Sacramento, CA 95814


Not only does Chocolate Fish have the best coffee in town, they also serve incredible breakfast items. From their pastries to their loaded toasts, this coffee shop is a cornerstone of the morning scene in Sacramento. With sit down locations in both East Sacramento and Curtis Park, there is no doubt that Chocolate Fish is one of the best ways to start your morning.  


4749 Folsom Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95819

2940 Freeport Blvd Sacramento, CA 95818