There's a New Pupuseria in Town!

Chévere, a pupuseria located at 3397 Watt Avenue in Sacramento, California

recently had their grand opening! The local pupuseria offers both savory and sweet dishes. In accordance to the Multi Cultural Cooking Network, Pupusas are a Salvadoran delicacy that originated from the Pipil tribe who were located in where is now, El Salvador.

In the 1980’s, as a result of the Salvadoran Civil War, migrants fled to countries including the United States. Pupusas then became available in communities where Salvadorans resided. The dish is made of corn flour and is usually stuffed with beans, cheese, and meats that include pork, beef, and chicken. According to the cashier, revueltas (pupusas that contain bean, cheese, and pork) are currently Chévere's

best-selling pupusas.

Since the pupuseria recently opened, there is currently no air conditioning, but with the fan on, it feels as if you’re having a warm meal at your grandmother’s house. Chévere serves comfort food, but not fast food. However, customers can take their meals to go. For vegans who still desire to enjoy this dish, great news! There are vegan options as well! On each table sits a container of pickled vegetables known as curtido; containing cabbage, carrots, jalapeños, and onions.

Thus, those dining in can add the topping to their desired amount. The sauce known as salsa roja that compliments the pupusas are also on each table. Chévere serves Salvadoran horchata which is produced from morro seeds in comparison to Mexican horchata, which is produced from rice.

Since this business is still up and coming, the owners are still working out the kinks and they disclose this on a sign at the cash register. The price range is comparable to taquerias. Chévere is definitely a restaurant to visit if you’re craving something savory, but not too rich on the stomach!