Sac Youth Engage in Multi-Generational & Cross-Cultural Collaboration to Solve Community Problems

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Alliance for Education Solutions (AES), a non-profit organization, spearheads a variety of initiatives to uplift the Sacramento area and provides a platform for youth to employ their civic imagination and become politically engaged.

AES has been serving communities for 27 years and takes a collaborative, multi- generational and cross-cultural approach to solving problems.

This impactful organization also encompasses the Sacramento Youth Alliance (SYA) and the Davitto Leadership Academy (DLA). The SYA, a community action team belonging to a national movement based in Washington D.C, is one of four action teams in California.

The Davitto Leadership Academy (DLA) was created to serve the SYA and to help develop strong, engaged youth in the Sacramento community. This leadership development program teaches practical skills like critical thinking, leadership, community building and communication.

"The Alliance for Educational Solutions has multiple initiatives that focus on empowering young folks to speak their truth to power, lead with heart and impact the systems that impact them on a daily basis,” says Ana Taukolo, the Program Coordinator for the Davitto Leadership Academy. She goes on to say, “Here, at Alliance for Education Solutions, we say lead with heart; it's not about the hard work it's about the heart work.”

The SYA and the DLA serve students from marginalized communities, communities of color and places where students struggle on a daily basis. Students start by gaining leadership and community building skills in the Davitto Leadership Academy, then transition to take action in their communities through the Sacramento Youth Alliance.

“We call the SYA the action arm of the Alliance for Education Solutions and the Davitto Leadership Academy the training arm, where we nourish and care for our students so they can go into doing all the things they want to do in order to change their community," explains the SYA Coordinator Erica Amaya.

Amaya speaks about what it means to serve these communities: “ It's about  genuinely showing who you are at the core. It’s not only about the struggles and opposition you faced in your past or childhood, it’s about what you can do to create those struggles into something beautiful, like changing the world, changing your community, or changing the life of people that follow.”

AES is one of the few organizations in Sacramento that allows youth in our community to lead programming and initiatives, taking a unique approach to solving problems in the community.

Lisa Foster, the Chair for the Alliance for Education Solutions adds, “Multi-generational collaboration is promoted and we also promote the idea that youth need to be a part of the decisions impacting them. Youth and adults need to work together to make change. We are working together and learning equally from each other when we take a multi-generational, cross-cultural and collaborative approach. This sets us apart from some of the other organizations.”

AES makes a big impact in the Sacramento community with its’ “lead with heart” mentality and unwavering dedication to empowering the city’s youth. Stay tuned for more on this powerful service organization and the employees who are taking community service to a whole new level.