August 23, 2018

Story and photos by: Veronica Perry

Our pets are like family members, and when it comes to the food our pets eat, the toys they play with, or the healthcare products available to them we want the very best.

Incredible Pets is a local family owned pet and pet supply store with six locations across the Sacramento area. The Sacramento Spotlight had the opportunity to speak with Incredible Pets’ Marketing Manager Katherine Love to delve into this local business. After graduating college, Love gained relevant experience in various marketing roles but began to feel a strong desire to leverage her talent for marketing at her family's business, Incredible Pets.

“I came to my parents and said ‘I’d love to join the family business and bring some marketing experience into it,’ Love recalls. “I started slowly, part-time and I focused on re-branding, implementing a new logo and creating compelling print media for the public.”

The business got their start 23 years ago in Auburn, California. Auburn is where the corporate office and the company’s warehouse are located. Auburn is also where you can find Love working most of the time.

Love has been the marketing manager at Incredible Pets for five years and she is in charge of marketing, charitable donations, public relations and the implementation of an e-commerce business. Because of Love, most of the Incredible Pets inventory is now available online for purchase.

Incredible Pets is committed to providing the best customer experience possible and is focusing on improving and modernizing their look and feel.

“Our mission and ultimate goal is to provide an elevated level of customer experience and let our customers shop whichever way is most convenient for them,” Love says.

Incredible Pets bring something unique to the community and offers customers an experience and selection that our community members won’t find elsewhere.

“We are large enough that we can provide our customers with a great selection and competitive prices,” Love says. “You can find something high quality for your pet within any budget level.”

Incredible Pets educates their employees on each product and every location maintains a positive and proactive company culture. This business stresses good attitudes and personalized experiences for their customers.  

“We train our employees to provide a heightened customer experience and superior product knowledge,” Love says.

Incredible Pets also keeps up with all of the latest pet trends. Making it clear that Incredible Pets puts the need of their customers first.

“We are always working to be experts and serve as a source of knowledge for our customers,” Love says. “We want to provide great service, great products and be a friendly local business for people with pets. Because pets are family.”

Not only is the business itself locally run, but the animals available for adoption are local as well, meaning, they are from the Sacramento area. Even the crickets are local.

“We don't import anything, nothing gets shipped in from outside breeders and nothing that we have is bred for sale or farmed for sale,” Love explains. “We are very picky about our suppliers within the Sacramento area. We want the best for our customers.”

Incredible Pets gets its animal supply from local, trusted individuals who they vet each year to ensure the highest animal quality and care.

Further, they set an example for community involvement and philanthropy. Incredible Pets consistently supports events hosted by the major animal shelters in the Sacramento area.

“We always do some type of sponsorship, whether it's on site or a monetary donation,” Love says. “We do this with as many of the local shelters as we can. So, for our larger charitable donations, we focus on animal welfare, but for day to day smaller things we participate donations to schools, churches and cultural events. In each community, we make sure that we are always contributing as much as we can. Our communities support us and the connection we have with community members is very important to us.”

The staff wants to emphasize that when you spend your dollars at a local, family owned business you are keeping the flow of money within the community and supporting people who care about the wellbeing of the community and its diverse members.

“It's all about community connection,” Love says. “We literally have four people who sit in an office everyday and truly care. My parents sister and I, read every review, look through every donation request , and genuinely care about serving our community and the pets in it.”

Recently Incredible Pets has joined the Sacramento Family Business Association and has begun to collaborate with other family owned businesses. For Love helping the community while working side by side with her family and like minded businesses is the most rewarding part of her job.

“You really see the passion within others to make our community a better place,” Love says. “We feel so proud to be in a community that values local, family owned business and we want to see business like ours succeed within the community. We take pride in our family, our values and our jobs. Having this sense of pride and passion in our work makes the hard times easier and we can easily see the bigger picture when it comes to serving the community. We are committed to being our best and bringing the best to Sacramento.”

From Auburn to East Sac, Incredible Pets is your one stop shop for an outstanding customers experience and an unbeatable product selection. Check out a location near you.