Local Mother of Two Rediscovers Creative Self Through Baking

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Photos by Nathan Pillow

When Katherine Ferreira’s son turned one, she decided to put her background in the culinary arts to good use, creating a birthday cake to fit the occasion. Little did she know that her creation of a chocolate frosting drip cake sprinkled with confetti, colorful candies and toys would lead her to start Cakewerk.

Cakewerk is a boutique cake studio that specializes in creating custom, modern cakes in the city of Sacramento. Cakewerk got its name from Ferreira’s German heritage. She explained that the word “werk” means a place where something is created, for Ferreira that is cakes. The boutique studio not only offers cakes but also a variety of deserts from cookies and donuts to cupcakes and cake pops.

“First and foremost I’m a mom, says Ferreira. “So, I don’t have the time to make it a full-time job yet, but that is my goal. I want to keep growing every year and getting my name out there and hopefully one day I’ll be able to make it like a real job.”

A Modern Style

Each one of Ferreira’s cakes is a piece of art, her own edible painting. She incorporates modern elements into each cake and embeds her own style using a range of colors and various toppings. With each cake, she aims to create a product that matches her customers' desires.

“I pride myself on making really modern looking cakes. I follow cake makers on Instagram and try and keep up with the trends. They inspire me and I’m really on top of what’s going on in the business. I think my style is quite different from most of the local cake makers that I’ve seen,” says Ferreira.

Cakewerk collaborates with each customer to create a product the customer wants while staying true to Ferreira’s artistic style.

After having two children, Ferreira’s artistic passions were put on hold, until she discovered the therapeutic power of baking. Baking unlocked her creative energy and has allowed her to achieve a sense of artistic fulfillment.

“For me it’s my artistic outlet, before I had kids I used to do artistic projects on the side, but when you have kids you don’t have time for that anymore. So, when I started baking, I found my creative side again,” she says.

Cakewerk cakes can be ordered for special events, weddings or birthdays online by going to her website www.cakewerk.com or by sending her a direct message to her Instagram account @cakewerkbykat. Ferreira usually asks for one week notice to give her time to brainstorm and create.

Ferreira can be found walking around midtown Sacramento with her family and supporting the other local small businesses in the area, always keeping her eyes open for future inspiration.

E-mail: kcarpenterferreira@gmail.com

Instagram: @cakewerkbykat

Website: www.cakewerk.com