How a Love for Craft Beer Created a Community of Passion-Driven Individuals

By Sophie Vang

Sacramento Beer Socials is a community organization that is dedicated to bringing like-minded individuals together through the exploration of craft beer. Thirteen years ago, a few gentlemen mobilized to share their passion for hops (an ingredient in craft beer that creates a bitter taste) and beer. Thus, on June 7, 2006, Sacramento Beer Socials was established on an online community forum known as, “Meetup.”

The craft beer lovers' organization has gone through some transitions in leadership throughout its run. Grace Arielle, a current leader and host of events for Sacramento Beer Socials, is the first woman to take on these roles there. Arielle expressed she sought an exploration for craft beer and a tribe for her to feel connected with. Eventually, she found those aspects in Sacramento Beer Socials. At the end of her statement, it was as if her face had lit up in gratitude.

Like every industry, craft beer has a community of passionate individuals. To those who are unfamiliar with this population, it may be a surprise as to just how many an alcoholic beverage can unify. Looking from the outside in, one can definitely see the passion that surges from individuals dedicated to craft beer. The laughter that fills the space of an outdoor venue, proves the extent that the craft beer industry brings beer lovers together. This multifaceted organization offers various craft beer experiences that include brewery tours/tastings/pairings, hike and hops, and more. The organization has 6 or 7 regular hosts. However, hosting isn’t limited to those individuals. Other members are welcome to host events as well.

From Arielle’s perspective, those involved with breweries and tap rooms are dedicated to sustainability, collaboration without competition, and philanthropy. She believes that this “group is like a nest for things to be created and grow in, by having a strong structure in sharing passion, volunteerism, and people engaged in service to [not only one another but] our neighbors.” Arielle has been with the organization for a total of one and a half years. When asked how the experience has impacted her personally, she responded, “Being a part of Sacramento Beer Socials has created fulfillment, social fun, and a strong sense of community. From an organizer’s perspective, everyone looks for their tribe of people and where to fit. For the most part, people are looking for a connection with a glass of beer.”

Sacramento Beer Socials is an organization that unifies beer lovers for the purpose of not just enjoying a glass of craft beer, but also creates connections and a community through the experience.

Grace Arielle, leader of Sacramento Beer Socials, pictured with her glass of craft beer.