Food Review: Ma Jong's Asian Diner

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Ma Jong's is an Asian restaurant located downtown off L street near the capital. This village-like restaurant opened about 10 years ago. Their menu features dishes that are inspired by Asian grandmothers from Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam and China. Patrons will find a three hundred year old Buddha inside and elegant lanterns hung from the ceiling.

My trip to Ma Jong's was a great experience for several reasons such as the atmosphere, delicious food and outstanding customer service. When I stopped inside I immediately heard the sound of fresh, crisp bell peppers being cut. The atmosphere was inviting and the restaurant felt modern and trendy, unlike similar restaurants serving the same cuisine. This restaurant gives off calm and relaxing vibes with couch cushions by the window, scattered pillows and dimly lit lanterns hanging from the ceiling. When I finally sat down, I noticed that each table appeared to be made from natural wood. Artisan furniture, a tranquil aesthetic and savory smells filling the air will add depth to the experience of anyone dining at this restaurant.

Aside from the aesthetic appeal, Ma Jong has a simple yet satisfying menu. It features options from rice bowls and udon to pho and various meat options. I was overwhelmed with choices so I decided to order one of my favorite dishes, sweet and sour chicken. The dish didn't take long to prepare. Ten minutes after I was seated, my food was delivered. The service was fast and friendly. I enjoyed a steaming hot bowl of chicken, bell peppers, chopped onions, rice and pineapple, served in a sweet and sour sauce. The dish was very filling and the serving size aligned with the price point. 

The bell peppers were extremely fresh, almost hydrating. The chicken was well cooked and marinated in the sweet and sour sauce. The rice was sticky, as it should be, and the overall dish conveyed a homestyle feel. I would rate my experience at Ma Jong Asian Diner a 10/10. The service was excellent, everything was kept pristine and the staff was fast and friendly. You can check Ma Jong's out at 1431 L St, Sacramento, CA 95814, Sunday - Thursday 11am - 9pm , and Friday - Saturday 11am - 2:30am.