Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Photos and story by Veronica Perry

August 1, 2018

Located on 18th and L street, Capital City Beads, is the top-rated place for your fine art and jewelry supply needs. Capital City Beads provides a unique experience for their in-store customers as well as customers who attend their enjoyable workshops.  All their products are mindfully chosen to ensure the highest quality and most diverse selection of gems and beads in Midtown, Sacramento.

This storefront is owned and operated by Sacramento's own, Christina Mansour. This accomplished artist holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and has extensive experience in the high fashion industry. She has experience styling major public figures, including Lady Gaga. Mansour was also a former employee of the store, Bead Fetish, before she created Capital City Beads. When the previous owners left, she saw so much potential in the business and location that she offered to purchase it. She renovated the retail storefront and put her personal touch on the interior.

It all came together perfectly as her illustration expertise provided the perfect foundation for website creation and marketing.

“I am so grateful that I learned illustration in college because it helped me to design our website,” Mansour says. “I do all of our marketing and create all of our posters.”

Everything you see in the store and experience online is a direct result of Mansour’s vision for Capital City Beads. She works everyday to make sure that jewelry makers of Sacramento have a place to purchase top-of-the-line products and attend informative classes. Her comprehensive academic and professional background make her an excellent resource to the Sacramento community in regards to fine arts and jewelry making.

So much care and planning goes into what you see at this store. Mansour has cultivated relationships with over 60 vendors that provide the products she supplies. This specialty craft store grants a space where local artists can purchase high quality supplies, at an affordable cost, in an unmatched atmosphere.

“This place used to look so different,” Mansour says. “It had different classes and  different inventory. I added the flooring, the cabinets and decorative aspects you see here today.”

Every product is meticulously organized with nothing out of place. When you walk in the store you will immediately feel a sense of  ease from the beautifully color-coordinated bead trays or methodically organized stickers, soaps and trinkets.

“We found that a lot of people will walk into our store who are not jewelry designers so we wanted to provide a captivating experience for them too,” Mansour says.

All of the jewelry you will see available is made by Mansour and her husband. The store design is expertly executed with a cutting edge accent wall, complete with paintings from local artists, healing crystals and hand crafted containers. On top of that, each staff member appears to be happy, present and productive.

Every member of the Capital City Beads staff are industry professionals and serve as great resources to our community for the latest jewelry making techniques, trends and designs.

Additionally, Mansour does not fall short when it comes to hosting events that allow the Sacramento community to come together to create and connect.

This local business does a fantastic job of bringing together the jewelry making community as well as inspiring individuals who are new to the trade to explore the potential of a new hobby. They accomplish this level of connectivity by operating through a lens of innovation and inclusion. The owner created a series of traveling workshops called Beads and Brews where community members can create an item of jewelry, drink a glass of beer (or wine) and connect with other creative individuals in the Sacramento Area.

“I do a series of traveling workshops called Beads and Brews,” Mansour says. “We have been doing Beads and Brews for about a year, but the last couple months it has really blown up. We do it throughout the greater Sacramento Area.”

When you purchase a ticket to a Beads and Brews workshop, you are actively purchasing a one-of-a -kind experience that will leave you feeling positive, accomplished and connected.  These workshops are perfect for a beginner or anyone interested in creating a beautifully unique item of jewelry and being surrounded by like-minded locals. These workshops are great to attend in dyads or triads, but you know what they say, the bigger the group the bigger the pour.

Beads and Brews is a great way for every level of artist to express themselves in an inclusive environment that allows for artistic exploration and creative execution. Capital City Beads keeps each session interesting by facilitating the creation of a variety of jewelry making designs and techniques.  You can create earrings, necklaces, and bracelets in these sessions using proven techniques and top quality products provided by Capital City Beads. With each new location comes a different atmosphere, vibe and jewelry making activity. These therapeutic jewelry making sessions take place in unparalleled locations throughout our city.  From breweries to restaurants, your beads, brews and bites bases are covered.

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